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If you offer products or services of interest to folks in the US or Canada that have an active interest in the Czech and Slovak lands you are invited to submit advertising notices to us. Possibilities include Housing, Apartments, Collectible's, Antiques, Business Opportunities, Tours, Travel, Books, CD's, Films and Event Announcements. This service is free of charge for the time being.  Send your advertisement as soon as possible, please limit your message to under 35 words.  Click here for a review of current Shopping ads ~ Thank You!


Bon Appetit Dobru chut Bratislava!
Fullbright Commission Intergovernmental Organization for Educational Exchanges with the USA
Genealogy Czech, Bohemian and Moravian
Genealogical Research
Genealogy Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogical Research
Music Centre Slovakia Slovak Music Centre
Music Information Centre Prague Music News
Prague Apartments
Prague Apartments
Name-Days Czech Discover over 365 Czech names that are part of the Czech calendar
Name-Days Slovak Slovak Name Days
Texas Czech Heritage & Cultural Center LaGrange Texas
Webcams in the Czech Republic Mobile version available on their site



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